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hugel’s purpose is to create more smiles in the mirror

We believe that quality and affordability can coexist—and that everyone should be able to invest in their own beauty journey.

At Hugel, we know the medical aesthetics landscape can seem crowded and overwhelming, so we’re making it easier to incorporate our high-quality products into every beauty routine.

We believe affordable aesthetic treatments—that don't compromise the luxury experience—are the way of the future. Whether exploring new treatment options or considering injectables for the first time, we’re continually looking for new ways to help our consumers navigate their unique beauty journey, and to make our top-selling facial injectables more accessible for all.

Who is Hugel Aesthetics?

Hugel Aesthetics is a division of Hugel Inc., one of the world’s leading medical aesthetics brands and manufacturer of Korea's number-one-selling neurotoxin. Headquartered in the US we also have offices in Australia and Canada, with future operations planned for New Zealand.

We believe that high-quality aesthetic solutions are for everyone, wherever they are in their beauty journey. So our focus is on making proven aesthetic treatments more accessible for all, leveraging the excellence of K-Beauty in the international market, and becoming the global leader in medical aesthetics.

Global Presence

Around the world, our trusted, high-quality facial injectables have helped millions to evolve their beauty journey in their own way.

The future of aesthetics

Developed through proprietary technology, our products are formulated for beauty enthusiasts and their evolving aesthetic needs.


We constantly challenge the status quo, always striving to develop and implement the newest technologies to help move the industry forward.


We continually invest in new research to help improve our products.


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in South Korea and Austria operate using stringent standards to ensure product quality.

Hugel's Product Pipeline

United States



Non-lidocaine versions of FILLER and VOLUME are also available; Non-crosslinked HA (18 mg/mL with 2.0% glycerol).

Hugel Highlights

Hugel has sold more than 26 million vials of botulinum toxin in over 50 different countries—and now we’re getting ready to bring our innovation to the world’s largest aesthetics markets.

Small Bio-Venture


Hugel, Inc. is established in Seoul, South Korea


Hugel, Inc. launches its first product, a botulinum toxin formulation (domestic name Botulax), in the South Korean market


Austria's Croma-Pharma GmbH, founded in 1976, makes a strategic decision to focus solely on minimally invasive aesthetics medicine

Market Leader in South Korea


Botulax becomes the domestic botulinum toxin market leader in South Korea—and has maintained the position ever since


Hugel, Inc. enters South Korea's hyaluronic acid (HA) filler market with THE CHAEUM, currently one of the world's leading HA brands

Global Player


Hugel Aesthetics, a joint venture between Hugel, Inc. and Croma-Pharma GmbH, is formed to bring our high-quality aesthetics solutions to the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand


Hugel, Inc.’s letibotulinumtoxinA formulation (export name Letybo®) is the first South Korean brand to obtain approval from China, one of the world's largest botulinum toxin markets


Hugel Aesthetics expands its presence in Canada and Australia with the respective approvals of Letybo (letibotulinumtoxinA for injection) and bolsters its filler portfolio with the approval of Volume Plus


Letybo (letibotulinumtoxinA for injection) receives marketing approval in Europe

2023 and beyond

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OUR Mission